The GPO is dedicated, through the efforts and commitment of all parents and guardians of GCS students, to work with the principal, teachers and administrative personnel of GCS to help insure the students, both current and future, have the opportunities to grow and develop as caring, active, enlightened citizens and civic leaders.
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What's New:

Here's how the GCS/Schoola Clothing Drive is shaping up.  

As you might recall, the clothing drive in March was a huge success and we filled 24 boxes with clothes.  Since then, Schoola has inventoried, photographed and posted our clothes online for purchase all around the country. Take a look at

As of right now, we have:
  • 45 bags of clothes processed
  • 805 individual items posted on our website
  • $543 earned for our school!  
In just 6 weeks, we have generated $543 just by donating our clothes!  AMAZING!  And the funds continue to accumulate daily!

As a reminder, if you missed the first clothing drive, there are still 2 ways to participate:

#1 - Request a Bag!  That's any time, you can request a donation bag to be sent directly to you.  All you have to do is fill it up and send it in!  It will come with a postage paid label.  How simple!
#2 - Wait for the next clothing drive!  We will be holding another clothing drive in the fall, so as you find items to donate, put them aside and we will collect them in September/October 2015!  Super easy!

Again, THANK YOU for your support of this new fundraiser!  If you have any questions, please email Nicole Connelly directly at or  

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